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About Founder
Andrei Kirilenko
Andrei Kirilenko is a Russian-American retired professional basketball player, currently the president of the Russian Basketball Federation. One of the most versatile players of his generation, he is considered one of the greatest international players of all time.

At age fifteen, Kirilenko began playing professional basketball in the Russian Basketball Super League. He spent three years with CSKA Moscow from 1998 to 2001, winning the Russian league MVP award in 2000. In 2001, Kirilenko joined the Utah Jazz, who drafted him twenty-fourth overall in 1999. He became the first Russian player selected in the first round of a draft and the youngest European player drafted. He made the NBA All-Rookie First Team after his first season, was an NBA All-Defensive Team pick three times and played in the 2004 All-Star Game. During the 2011 NBA lockout, Kirilenko spent another year with CSKA Moscow, leading them to the 2012 EuroLeague Final. The same year, he was named the competition's Most Valuable Player, earned an All-EuroLeague first team selection and won the EuroLeague Best Defender award.

Since the 2000 Summer Olympics, Kirilenko has been a regular member of the Russian national team. With Russia, he won the EuroBasket title in 2007, earning MVP honors in the process. In 2011, he won his second EuroBasket medal, this time the bronze. He was selected to the All-Tournament Team on both occasions. Kirilenko was named FIBA Europe Men's Player of the Year twice, and won a Euroscar Player of the Year award in 2012.

About family
Andrei married Masha Lopatova, the daughter of the famous basketball player Andrei Lopatov. In the family of the couple Kirilenko four children: sons Fedor, Stepan, Andrei and daughter Alexandra.

"What he does, he does with pleasure and from the heart, whether visiting the cancer center or a basketball master class for children. We has done a lot over the fourteen years. Repaired facilities in hospitals and equipped sports halls, gave children the opportunity to watch a game of your favorite teams… "

— Masha Lopatova
What we do?
Charity Fund «Kirilenko`s Kids»
Charity Fund «Kirilenko`s Kids» helps children's hospitals, orphanages, children's sports schools.
Fund «Kirilenko`s Kids» was established in 2003 in the United States, salt lake city, and in Russia since 2006. «Kirilenko`s Kids» supports children's institutions Essentials, medicines, vitamins, healthy food, clothes and toys.

The promotion of sport, healthy lifestyle, development and improvement of children's talent – one of the main objectives of our Foundation. Therefore, conducting master classes, joint trainings with the sport stars of the first magnitude — is also a priority «Kirilenko`s Kids».

To engage in charitable activities more people annually held a charity auction where anyone can purchase valuable sports item: personal item famous player, coach or getting the opportunity to get a master class with the player!

"I will be glad if my example can show the child that in life many things are possible if you strive and exert effort. Sports lifestyle has not only shaped me as a professional athlete, and helped to protect yourself from harmful habits. If I for example can affect the decision of even one child, for me this is victory, no less valuable than sports."

— Andrei Kirilenko
Directions of activity:
Directions of activity:
  • assistance to orphanages and boarding schools;
  • help children's hospitals;
  • assistance to children's sports schools;
  • development of mass children's Amateur sports;
  • charity auction.

On the main page of the site «Kirilenko`s Kids» you can learn about recent and upcoming activities of the Fund, under the heading «Sportsmens to children» to learn about the charity initiative of friends «Kirilenko`s Kids». On the page «Video Tutorials» to view more than 40 exercises with detailed study of technology.If you have questions, ideas or suggestions, write to us:!

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